3 Business Models (Graded)

Company 1: UbreakIfix 

The name of this company struck me at first because of the poor grammar, but the concept behind it is brilliant. UbreakIfix uses the Merchant Model to provide a service where customers bring in their broken electronic devices (cell phones, game consoles, etc) and are fixed for a fixed fee. 

Company 2: Kony

I chose Kony because of how similar its name is to the other giant company that has reaches in a similar industry (software.) Kony uses a codebase, for companies to generate apps for their customers. In non-computer speak, they are a company that provides the foundation for other companies to build their apps with. This is to me both a merchant and an Infomediary kind of business as they are selling a service as well as data. 

Company 3: The Joint 

The Joint is a nationwide chain of chiropractors who provide cheap health care to their patients. They are a subscription business as they provide services but you have to have a healthcare provider or join their own membership plan. 


If I were starting a business, the model that would appeal the most to me would be  subscription. I like this business model the best because the revenue is promised for a longer amount of time rather than simply a one time sale. This equates to having a much safer revenue stream. 



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