Reputation Management (graded post)

I actually did a brief (and rather unsuccessful) internship at an Online Reputation Management firm. My job was to enlist local businesses to our service so that we could minimize the bad reviews that consumers saw on websites like and google reviews. They do this by generating new reviews that are only positive on the review page of a service business and sending bad reviews to the business owner and to the business owner only. I’ve attached a video from the company I used to work for to better explain the process.

According to my old boss, the biggest names in the industry are,, and they offer relatively the same services as the company I worked for and normally charge about $250 a month. 


Research reputation management companies and software.  Who are the “largest” reputation management companies out there?  Why do you think this? (do some research).  What specific services do they offer?  How expensive are they?  How do they manage information – what do they do? – BE SPECIFIC (go beyond the information offered in my lecture)